Health Care


First, we must acknowledge that we do not have a healthcare system, we have an industry, with the profit motive making basic care unavailable to many citizens. 

We have no hope of resolving any of the many health care challenges facing Americans until we understand that in the United States health care is an industry.

This distinction is critical – just ask anyone seeking quality time with their physician, looking for an insurance company that won’t demand that their doctor discharge them from a hospital earlier than medically appropriate, and being forced to break the bank to pay for necessary medication. 

I support a single-payer system at the federal level. It's time to simplify health care.

Currently, far too much time, effort and money is expended on cost shifting – playing games with peoples’ lives in order to minimize expenditures from each competing source, whether that be the individual, one or more private, for-profit, insurance or pharmaceutical companies, or local, state or federal governments.

Cities and counties bear much of the expense of indigent care; state budgets are severely impacted by costs of health care, and the federal budget allocates a great deal of money to health care. 

This year the North Carolina General Assembly had a chance to expand Medicaid with federal funding- and declined, leaving billions of dollars on the table.

The Republican controlled Super-Majority in the NC General Assembly does not support affordable health care.

It has been our experience, as professionals in health care and with spouses who have devoted their lives to providing loving, exceptional care, that almost all caregivers are motivated by a desire to help people. 

For the sake of the people needing such care, it is incumbent upon political leaders to quit the posturing, acknowledge that our current industrial approach to health care delivery is inadequate.

Principled and Reasoned Leadership

Art Sherwood is running for NC Senate to address the critical issues of public education, health care, and employment.