Public Education


Despite the rhetoric of Raleigh Republicans, they do not value teachers or public education. This spells doom for the children of our state. 

I was first motivated to seek election to the North Carolina State Senate so that I could be part of restoring North Carolina’s public education system to its former prominence and student-focused outlook. 

  • It is time we return to the Real North Carolina value of vigorously supporting our public schools.
  • It is time to develop a teacher pay structure consistent with that outlined by NC Policy Watch.
  • It is time to provide teachers with the assistants they need to serve our children.
  • It is time to move North Carolina to the top of the nation in terms of per-pupil funding.
  • It is time to establish a teacher-recruitment program in partnership with our university system. The example set by ASU founders B.B. and D.D. Dougherty is one we should continue to emulate today.
  • It is time to recognize that the state of North Carolina can – and must – treat our teachers and other educational professionals with more respect.

Anything short of that threatens the quality of education received by our state’s children.

Principled and Reasoned Leadership

Art Sherwood is running for NC Senate to address the critical issues of public education, health care, and employment.